noviembre 25, 2021

What’s New in SNOWPLUS Pro?

por Indra Shiendirawan
What’s New in SNOWPLUS Pro?


SNOWPLUS Pro is a smart and interactive vaping device that has innovative features and will level-up your vaping experience. It’s been on sale since 21st Jan which is great news for SNOWPLUS fans. Now let’s take a look at what’s new in the SNOWPLUS Pro.


SNOWPLUS Pro comes with a Party Mode

You might be wondering, what’s Party Mode? Party Mode is a fun way to express yourself while vaping and is powered by RGB lighting effects that seamlessly switch between six main colors and smoothly displays up to an amazing 31 colors! It creates a really beautiful, creative, and eye-catching vaping experience.



How do you activate Party Mode? It’s easy, just tap the device five times to start Party Mode, then enjoy delightful vaping. When vaping with Party Mode, your vape LED light will transition between each color. Tapping the device is more convenient than shaking as SNOWPLUS did a good job in the integrative design.

SNOWPLUS Pro comes with 8 colors options

No matter what color you like, you have a choice. Every color is elegant, adorable, and adjusted to bold tones by professional art designers.

SNOWPLUS Pro comes with a more powerful 450mAh battery

SNOWPLUS Pro packs into its compact design a large capacity 450mAh battery. This battery helps produce a large amount of vapor and powers your vape for a whole day , which makes it the longest-lasting system of any SNOWPLUS product series. Moreover, double tap the device and you’ll the view your current battery life easily and intuitively.

SNOWPLUS Pro charge time is merely 18 minutes

Its 18-minute supercharging and super long battery life is perfect for your uninterrupted enjoyment. It only takes 18 minutes to fully charge your device. With a SNOWPLUS Pro, you needn’t wait hours before the charge is over. What’s more, it makes use of a reversible Type-C charging port, which is more universal and convenient.

SNOWPLUS Pro comes with a water and leak proof design.

The pod is made of a safe BPA free material which does no harm to health. Implemented with a 4th Generation double-seal design, the pod is perfectly sealed to prevent leakage. Additionally, this device has an IPX5 waterproof rating, which meets daily needs perfectly.


SNOWPLUS comes with an ultra-silky, high-strength zinc alloy body and dust-proof coating

It's a device built with high-strength zinc alloy and graceful curves. The super skin-friendly coating combined with its meticulous metal finish achieves an organic silky touch. It's not only comfortable to touch, but also durable, anti-scratch and dustproof, and safe from impact, oil, dust and corrosion. This design elevates SNOWPLUS Pro on par with the flagship products in any product category.

SNOWPLUS Pro flavor comes with over 15 flavors for choosing.


The SNOWPLUS pod series has rich flavors like mint, tobacco, ice cola, etc. Over 15 flavors are available with various nicotine strengths for different vapers.

SNOWPLUS’ team of experienced analysts and chemists tested and examined the formulae repeatedly to ensure precision and perfection. Each SNOWPLUS e-liquid formula is calculated and tested repeatedly to give the best vaping experience. Every pod is derived from prime quality ingredients and high-grade nicotine salts. We value innovation and created the SNOWPLUS Coffee Editions which provide customers with the latest and greatest in vaping technology.




If you're looking for the best starter kit, SNOWPLUS Pro is the only choice. It has a long operating time per charge, fast charge time, stylish appearance with ground-breaking smart-touch interactions complete with colorful RGB lighting effects, high-end notification vibrations, ultra-silky texture, plenty of flavor choices, satisfying throat hit, and the best flavor experiences.

To sum it up, SNOWPLUS Pro is a device that will help smokers make the switch easily and successfully. It’s a great present for friends and family who want to vape with the latest and greatest technology.