noviembre 25, 2021

Guess What? SNOWPLUS is Now Available in Southeast Asia

por Indra Shiendirawan
Guess What? SNOWPLUS is Now Available in Southeast Asia - SnowPlus

Many customers from Southeast Asia are asking, Can I get SNOWPLUS in Malaysia? Philippines? Indonesia......

And the answer is -- yes! SNOWPLUS is selling products in Southeast Asia .

SNOWPLUS has officially launched in Southeast Asian markets including Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines and is on track to expand into more regions. Meanwhile, SNOWPLUS is dedicating to developing various flavors to better provide localized options to consumers.




Malaysia – SNOWPLUS entered the Malaysian market last year and has set up a local team to secure operations in the country. SNOWPLUS has launched nicotine-free products in coffee, ice mocha latte, golden energy and milk tea flavors. They can be purchased in hundreds of stores around the country.


Recently, SNOWPLUS has also invited many influencers from Southeast Asia to review the newly launched products - Lite & Pro. Not only has Angga Candra - an Indonesian YouTuber with 5 million followers given us the thumbs up, but Apy from Malaysia and other popular influencers have also chimed in to say they love SNOWPLUS. They all spoke highly of the products and got positive feedback on social media. 

Besides retail services, SNOWPLUS also welcomes cooperation between agents and wholesalers. Southeast Asian SNOWPLUS vape sellers  can partner with SNOWPLUS.

The official SNOWPLUS website ( is also available for adult vapers in over 44 countries to make purchases with free shipping on orders over $ 70.

The more you buy, the more money you save! With the current promotion - buy 3 packs of pods and get 1 pack for free, customers who order more than $100 will not only have free shipping, but also  about to save $34 -- third of the order price! Hurry up before the promotion is over!

Southeast Asia is a very important market for SNOWPLUS, and there are sure to be even more activities and sales channels for SNOWPLUS purchases in the future. If you’re an influencer, or just a fan from Southeast Asia, leave us some feedback or just give us a shout out on our Instagram (@snowplus_global) or Facebook (SnowPlus Tech). We’d love to hear from you! .

SNOWPLUS is also going to be making an entrance into North America and Europe soon, opening up even more sales channels. So stay tuned!


SNOWPLUS is growing fast and its products will soon be available in even more countries, to give adult smokers around the world an even better alternative to smoking.